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Written Testimonials:

Murphy SAD44 Testimonial



Good afternoon,
I would just like to thank you for your services and to let you know that we are very please with your quality of work! We will most defiantly refer your company to any one we know who needs a home inspector! You are Very quick to help and set up appointments and help move things along when buying a home! Just so you can have a little giggle……The first inspector I called STILL has not returned my call!!!! It was a pleasure to meet you! God Bless you!

Mr. & Mrs. George & Melodie Martinez

Todd Lukaszewski
Gorham, NH

Dear Bo,
Just wanted to follow up with a thank you letter for all the work you’ve done for us
during the past ten months. Naturally, my wife Nicole and I were not happy when you
discovered radon in both our air and well water last March when we had our new home in
Gorham tested. And again, we were dismayed when you discovered choliform bacteria in
our dug well water at the property in Milan we just sold two months ago. These were
problems that took some time and money to correct, but aside from the reports, your
cooperation with advice about correcting the problems was always conveyed with eager
and courteous assistance. The outcomes turned fruitful and as a result, we did not
hesitate to contact you a third time when we discovered an extraordinary amount of
precipitation on the windows of our new home this winter.
I’ve come to realize the cost of home ownership during the last ten years which has come
from both residential and income properties, and I’ve got to say that the $320 you charge
for a complete home inspection is money well spent and worth every cent. I didn’t expect
that a newly constructed home by a competent builder would be a source of trouble, so I
didn’t invest the money for the home inspection when we purchased last May. Luckily, at
the time you advised a one-year builder’s warranty so that you could potentially still
inspect if the need arose. Well, it did. The three hours you spent at our home last week
with Melissa (six man-hours) discovered an attic with 90% humidity and a major
ventilation problem. Your report was exhaustive and also brought up a couple of minor
issues I was able to rectify myself. I am also grateful that I had the time to walk through
the inspection with you and become a little more knowledgeable about the building trade.
In fact, although my builder was a bit surprised to learn of the faulty ventilation, he is
also eager to improve his skills and was quick to consult with you about how to remedy
the problem.
Your assistance with advice is always thorough and I would not hesitate to recommend
your service as it had been recommended to me last year by our realtor.

Best Regards, Todd Lukaszewski