Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC takes an Accurate and Professional approach to building inspections.

 We do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

It would be an honor if you would allow us to provide you with any of the following services:

Residential & Commercial Building Inspections
Buyer or Seller Inspections of Very Old Buildings to Brand New Construction
New Construction Phase & Bank-Draw Inspections
Annual or Bi-Annual Owner Maintenance Inspections
Mold Testing & Moisture Intrusion Inspections
Radon Air & Radon Water Testing
Water Quality Analysis
Well Water Chlorination

We can also arrange for other associated professionals to perform the following services;

Certified Pest Inspections ~ Certified Septic Inspections

Call Bo Boden & Accu-Pro Inspections today for your building inspection and testing needs!

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