About Us


Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC is a family owned and operated business, with Gary “Bo” Boden and his wife Carol. Their son is Brad Boden.

Brad, Carol & Bo Thanksgiving 2012

The Owners and their son.

Gary “Bo” Boden is the co-owner and primary operations manager and inspector performing inspections and testing through Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC. Raised on a farm in northern Minnesota and after graduating high school in 1972, he worked construction through the spring and summer prior to his enlistment into the Army Corps of Engineers in late summer of that same year (Vietnam era).  After his term of service, his construction job travels took him to various places including his two most adventurous favorites Alaska and Colorado. While in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, during the construction lull of the winter, he started grooming the slopes and snowmaking for the ski area and later became a ski instructor. Having been bitten by the recreational lifestyle bug, he became a whitewater rafting guide the next summer and a hunting and fishing guide in the fall. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start a snow plow business, taxi service and whitewater rafting company while in Steamboat Springs, all of which he sold prior to moving to Maine. (The taxi and rafting companies are still in operation to this day.) Throughout his life, Bo has had a thirst for more training and knowledge with a desire to excel in his performance, always exceeding the minimum requirements of whatever profession he is in. While working in home construction, he was always observing the other trades people and how and why they did things. As an equipment operator he gained experience on each available piece of equipment. As a guide he was required to know first aid and CPR, so he became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) qualified on Defibrillators. As a guide he recognized the inherent risk whitewater rafting involves and became a Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1, and then Level 2, and then a certified Swiftwater Rescue Instructor. The instructor status is what prompted the Steamboat Springs Fire Department to actively recruit Bo as a member, where by the time of his retirement from the Fire Department just before moving to Maine, he had advanced to be Co-Captain of the Water Rescue Team, Team Leader of the Swiftwater Rescue team and the Ice Rescue team as well as a certified Thin Ice Rescue Instructor. Bo was also on the high and low angle rope rescue teams and an active member of the Public Education Department within the Fire Department. Regarding Bo’s focus on Accu-Pro Inspections and the inspection and testing industry, this same natural drive to go beyond the normal standards is the reason Bo has attended so many trainings regarding the function of systems and components that may be encountered at your inspection and has passed the qualifications required to become a Certified Third Party Inspector for new construction code compliance with the state of Maine.

Bo’s inspection experience, training and certifications are rather extensive and are the expertise that Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC business is built around. Bo’s qualifications and experience will fully be described later under “Bo’s Documented Training”, “Bo’s Inspection Related Experience” and “Bo’s Certifications.”


Carol double checking exterior list before we head inside

Carol Boden is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and the co-owner of Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC. Her primary career is as a Technical Project Manager for a Major Hospital System in the state of Maine. Prior to this, Carol was the Vice President of Information Technology for the American Skiing Company (a publicly traded company that once owned 11 ski resorts) and was the technical project manager for the separation of each resort as they were sold prior to dissolving the parent company. Although Carol has her own career, she is also a major contributor in the “behind the scenes” organization of the inspection business and also assists in performing inspections when possible, giving her hands on perspective of the process. Accu-Pro Inspections has definitely benefited from her technical and organizational skills.


Brad 18 yrs, earning money for college


Their son, Brad Boden, has grown up helping his dad with inspections since he was 17 years old. Brad attended college at the University of Maine, Orono and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Engineering Physics and minors in Math, Business and Nano-Technology. Brad also speaks French and Chinese. Brad assisted with inspections when he was home from college and has a very sharp eye for spotting issues and is very good at communicating with the young and old alike. After graduating from college Brad came home and helped us with the inspection business during a time that Bo was dealing with a number of health issues which included 4 surgeries. We are very grateful to Brad for setting aside his own carrier and helping our family and it’s business during this time of need. Since Bo recovered, Brad has successfully pursued a career in the Engineering field that he studied so hard to get. Brad is now an engineer with a global firm and is living and working in Manchester, NH and is being sent to various countries around the world to represent his employer in a technical engineering capacity.  He is being recognized for his talents, expertise and his many contributions to the company he works for. His parents continue to be very proud of him.

Accu-Pro Inspections, LLC is an independent inspection company and inspections are what Bo does, all day, every day with help from his family and other professionals when needed. We take our job seriously and keep your best interest at heart.